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If you can hear the whispering of paper ...

The occasion flirted with all the senses. Salzer Papier, Peyer Graphic and the new Austrian design magazine MUTBOARD & VOGEL pooled their skills. The result was a multi-sensory trip through the unique spaces of Vienna architects Formdepot, as well as the opportunity to get to know about paper, fabric, and material made from leather fibre. Added to this came the presentation of the third edition of MUTBOARD & VOGEL, featuring augmented reality.

A special collaboration took place in Formdepot. For the third time, Salzer Papier and Peyer Graphic issued an invitation to an event held jointly by the two companies. Formdepot offered the perfect setting for this. The special highlight was the presentation of the third issue of MUTBOARD & VOGEL, the only Austrian design magazine. Guests were also treated to a multi-sensory trip through the building’s unique spaces.

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