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About Peyer Cover

Peyer Cover was founded in 1956 and is now one of the top suppliers of cover materials for books, brochures, printed illustrated matter, catalogues and packaging in Germany. Among our customers we can count well-known publishers, printing houses, bookbinderies and agencies, as well as a variety of customers from industrial and production sectors.

Our specialisation in cover materials for books and all types of printed matter requires both flair and an instinct for trends and aesthetics. We also need to understand our customers’ tastes, as well as national peculiarities and requirements, to put us in a position where we can offer an attractive, up-to-the-minute range. Our diverse service offering is equally important to us. This encompasses not merely comprehensive advice on everything to do with the printing and processing of our materials, but also just-in-time delivery of your orders, whether the quantities are large or small. And to round off our understanding of customer services with another example, we offer an extremely flexible cutting service.