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Pure haptics!

PEYVIDA puro - the white natural cardboard from Peyer. For a natural, haptic sensory experience.

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CABRA nubuk M - soft surface - stong and insensitive in use.
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Every second book listed on the renowed Spiegel bestseller list has been produced using Peyer materials. Whether book jacket or endleaf – Peyer cover materials make your next project a bestseller too!


Only the best for the little ones. We are happy to share our expertise on peyer materials for children’s books.

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bestseller book-cover CABRA_nubuk_M paper-structure shades of white PEYER COVER BESTSELLER book-cover

Putting ideas into practice

We combine sense with sensuality. 
Our wide range of cover materials offers an impressive wealth of colours and captivating surfaces: if you’re looking for high-quality papers and fabrics, we’re your first port of call. 

We turn great ideas into feasible solutions.
Because we’re good at coming up with new inspirations, we exchange experiences constantly, and we have a network not just of ideas but of partners, we’re able to offer you great quality and great value.

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Kathrin Linkersdorff has been inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy for her poetically gracious pictures. A piece of art among the illustrated books – not at least because of the really successful choice of materials.

fairies 1


„Il divino – the divine“ Michelangelo was called during his lifetime already. And the equipment of this monumental overall presentation of his work by Horst Bredenkamp is at least almost divine.

michelangelo 1


The European Union still is the most important guarantee for peace and prosperity on our continent. And this visually stunning work shows the many faces for it. Limited to 1.000 copies, the photo artist Carsten Sander shows European women and men. Famous people as well as persons with very different ethnical and social backgrounds, who he met by incidence.

Faces of Europe 1


Small but nice. A gatefolded brochure in PEYPRINT gerippt, very beautifully combined with SURBALIN linea in orange for endpaper.

Kabinett der Grenzen 1

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Find the material that is right for your project. Choose between 80 colours and different kinds of embossing in the SURBALIN range. The surfaces of our papers and cardboards will inspire you to find new ideas for designs. Dress your project up in coloured fabric for an exclusive look. Would you like to know what our materials feel like? Order A4 samples and material collections here.

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You don´t have the printed sample book of SURBALIN with you. Or you are looking for detailed information on our products?
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You are an addict for special colour and material combinations? Let us inspire you with our ideas!

Shimmering pastel shades combined delicately

Sweet colour shades in gentle combinations - a feast for the eyes for little and big people. LINESSE as FSC®-certified viscose fabric in a uniquely beautiful collection of pastel and earth tones such as pink, powder pink or jade green. Color accentuated combinations with SURBALIN papaya or sand - inspiring examples for the design of books for the little ones. Or to capture their most beautiful moments in an equally beautiful form.

pastell 1

Black is beautiful…

… for a big night out in town. We have stayed in for far too long without the famous little black dress or black suit as the only suitable attire. And because black isn't always black, the Peyer collection contains a multitude of treasures that are ideal for all those night-owl stories. The different surfaces impressively show how different the same color may appear in other structures... Black is not just black!


Very Peri – Pantone Color of the Year 2022

This time it is a completely new colour – the Pantone Colour of the Year: Very Peri. An expression for courage, change, global innovation and transformation. A reddish violet shade of blue which deserves even more courageous colour combinations. So for example with SURBALIN in lila, kiwi and havanna. Completed quite classically by SURBALIN diamantweiß and haptically exciting in combination of the different surfaces in glatt, gerippt and seda. Daring and at the same time combined in a harmonic way, the chosen colours underline the strength-giving character of Very Peri.

very peri

high tech materials in modern colours

high tech and books? How can these two words fit together? CABRA and COMTESSE are the answers. Both products combine highly resistant cover fabrics with unique surfaces that are appealing to the touch. 

high tech


Classic. Resistant. Maybe even durable? Descriptions that sound more like boredom and very little like inspiration. Shouldn’t books that are made to last also be good books? They should be interesting. Modern. And inspiring.


Calming down – soft colours for hygge

Come to rest, who wouldn’t want that? Avoiding the upcoming November blues outside. Retreating into your cosy home. Cocooning in soft shades like lime grey and reed green. Warm sand brown, candle light and a good book for that particular hygge feeling. Inspired by the lifestyle up north which stands for a cosy and warm atmosphere.


shades of white

The books of our world deliver an infinite variety of topics, texts and impressions. The same goes for cover designs – there are no limits to creativity. The ideal basis for this variety of colours and motifs are modest. However, they cannot be surpassed when it comes to durability and radiant colour brilliance when printed. And if it should be something very special, golden mother-of-pearl shimmer provides that extra shine.

shades of white


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