Peyer Cover heroslider Surbalin linea die Phantasie der Schildkröte Buch

SURBALIN linea, offset printing and foil embossing
Judith Pinow, Die Phantasie der Schildkröte (Coming out of her Shell), Krüger at S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt

peyer cover heroslider Peydur lisse das Leben fällt Buch

PEYDUR lissé 270 g/m², offset printing and relief varnishing
Petra Hülsmann, Das Leben fällt, wohin es will (Life Goes Where it Wants), Bastei Lübbe


SURBALIN glatt yellow-green
Print, foil embossing
Kleine Gourmandisen (Little Gourmets), Mandelbaum Verlag

Peypint Java Nachtigall

PEYPRINT java 270 g/m²
4c offset printing, varnish
Kristin Hannah, Die Nachtigall (The Nightingale), Aufbau


Screen print, foil embossing
Ziegel & Schindeln, Eine Reise durch China und Japan 1909/10 (A Journey through China and Japan 1909/10),
Matthes & Seitz

peyer cover heroslider surbalin seda unterwegs zu Hause

Foil embossing
Kerstin Bachvogel, Unterwegs zu Hause (On the Way Home), Gräfe und Unzer

Auf ewig dein

SURBALIN perleffekt
4c offset printing
Eva Völler, Auf ewig Dein (Forever Yours), Bastei Lübbe

SURBALIN Reise in den Westen

Foil embossing
Chengen Wu, Reise in den Westen (Pilgrimage to the West), Reclam Verlag

Peyer Cover heroslider Surbalin linea die Phantasie der Schildkröte Buch peyer cover heroslider Peydur lisse das Leben fällt Buch Anwendungsbeispiele Peypint Java Nachtigall peyer_cover_linesse_perlgrau_ziegel_und_schindel peyer cover heroslider surbalin seda unterwegs zu Hause Auf ewig dein SURBALIN Reise in den Westen

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We combine sense with sensuality. 
Our wide range of cover materials offers an impressive wealth of colours and captivating surfaces: if you’re looking for high-quality papers and fabrics, we’re your first port of call. 

We turn great ideas into feasible solutions.
Because we’re good at coming up with new inspirations, we exchange experiences constantly, and we have a network not just of ideas but of partners, we’re able to offer you great quality and great value.

About peyer Cover 

About the Peyer Group

The Yearbook of Type (published by Slanted)

For the Yearbook of Type 2019/2020, PEYDUR neuleinen was used as the cover material and SURBALIN seda in black for the endpaper.

Slanted YOT

Using a folding slipcover to protect a beloved book

We are thrilled that publishers Zeitverlag picked a sophisticated slipcover instead of a standard slip case for the German edition of Scribbles in the Margins - 50 Eternal Delights of Books by Daniel Gray, which is available exclusively from the Zeit shop.


A book full of special days

The Welttagebuch (The Diary of the World), which is bound in SURBALIN prima, reveals details of things that make each day special.


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We have hunted down inspirational ideas for you in our new collection, and put together some outstanding folders.

November Rain

Cold November rain. Days that are too short, grey upon grey, and the desperate need to escape from your own melancholy. Icelanders call this weather “Gluggavedur” and describe it as window weather, which is lovely to look at from the inside. But not nice enough to go outside. Our stunning materials in muted colours such as graphite, olive and petrol provide a wonderful view for those long winter evenings, which are best enjoyed with a good, beautifully designed book.


Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The dazzling light of midsummer is no more. Warm sunlight, and the orange tones of leaves that are changing colour. Dark greens and soft browns remind us of colourful autumn days in the forest. SURBALIN features tones from nature’s colour spectrum such as maisgelb, terracotta and sandbraun, which can be combined with DOUBLESSE blutorange or BARONESSE chamois. The magic of a special collection that would even provide an artistic framework for Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem Herbtsttag (Autumn Day).


A Day by the Sea

For everyone spending their summer on the balcony while they dream of a sea view, our favourite sea colours show that blue is not simply blue.
There are amazingly radiant, lush shades of blue and green, as well as really soft tones, which reflect the spectrum of colours in the sea, the waves and the endless horizon. Now perhaps we will be able to see, feel and maybe even hear the sea while we are sitting on the balcony. 

Ein Tag am Meer

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