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Applications for CABRA

CABRA has got all the characteristics that distinguish a high-quality cover material. With a thickness of up to 3.8 mm, it is particularly flexible and can therefore be used very well as a cover material for many different kinds of bindings.


CABRA for hard covers: The material offers a significant advantage especially for print products for which a long endurance is an important requirement, for example hymn books, albums, encyclopaedias or personal organisers. This is also the original field of application for this particularly strong material. Where real leather was traditionally used, the leather fibre material offered an excellent alternative. Due to its production, CABRA is an even and high-quality material that also offers flexibility concerning the format. With real leather, you are more limited in optimum use of the material and in processing due to unevenness, damages caused by injuries of the animal or the size of the leather cut.

CABRA with its variety of colours and surfaces can be wonderfully combined with other cover materials. In the case of half-bindings, this can be used in the design to realise very special projects.

CABRA suits also very well for products with pliable covers, the so called flexcovers. The gentle soft haptic of the material supports this type of cuddlesome binding and creates objects which are a pleasure to hold.

CABRA for brochures: CABRA can also be produced in higher thicknessess. With a thickness of 0.5 mm and more and under the name SKINFLEX it is then used as a brochure cover. Depending on the size of the end product, it can be made without lamination on cardboard and the cover can be glued straight to the endpaper.

Besides a selection of qualities in our warehouse, CABRA can be produced individually beginning from 100 running metres, and almost any desired colour shade can be made. Because of the large number of surface embossings and finishes, we are sure that there is also available something suitable for your project - we will be happy to advise you. We will send you a collection free of charge. Just send us an e-mail to