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Finishing options for CABRA natur


THE PRODUCTION OF CABRACABRA is a high-quality cover material made from recycled leather fibres. For the production, leather cuttings from shoe production are milled and processed in a similar way to a pulp for paper production. Natural tanning agents, modified natural fats, organic dyes and natural latex are added to the fibre pulp as binders. At the end of the production process, the surface is finished. This is possible in different variations and depends on the planned utilisation or the desired surface haptic. By default, the material is coated with a coloured varnish and the surface structure is applied either via embossing roller or embossing paper. A variety of designs are available - from crocodile leather look to fine micro embossing "kid". There are no limits concerning the choice of colours, any desired colour can be produced. A colour sample, a Pantone or HKS value or a colour value from another system can serve as a template. Besides the colour varnished surfaces and the variation "nubuk", which feels like velvety suede, there is also the adjustment "natur". "Natur" is done without colour varnishing. There are the options "natur hell" and "natur dunkel", where light brown and dark grey leather fibres form the basis. As no further dyes are added here, there may be slight variations in the colouring. A selection of different designs is available from stock as standard. Starting at 100 running metres, the product can be produced individually according to your wishes regarding colours, regarding different embossings, four gloss levels and also regarding thickness.

CABRA natur
CABRA natur

CABRA is not only a multifunctional material in its different textures, it can also be finished in a variety of ways.

Blind embossing on the "natur" model results in dark areas. This effect can be used very well for an unusual design.  Since the material has a certain thickness and yields well, it is also possible to emboss very deeply. Even three-dimensional designs can be realised this way. Both metallic and coloured foils can be used for hot foil embossing. Since the foils adhere very well to the material, it is also possible to emboss even very detailed designs.

Another variant of finishing that is often used on the "natur" and "nubuk" versions is (relief) varnishing. The varnishing stands up particularly well on the smooth surfaces. A special adjustment prevents the varnish from penetrating the material.

Only printing should be limited to screen printing. The material is too thick and too stiff for offset and digital printing machines. The results of bright screen printing inks in combination with the soft surfaces of CABRA natur or nubuk are all the more impressive for it.

Because CABRA is so multifunctional and can also be refined, we would be happy to advise you personally concerning this material. We can send you a collection free of charge. Simply send us an e-mail to 


CABRA natur