Measuring SURBALIN

Why using SURBALIN?  What makes the difference.

The cover and end paper SURBALIN is available in 5 surfaces and more than 70 colours. The unique colour intensity is created by high-quality pigments added to the pulp during paper production. SURBALIN is dyed- through in the mass. The advantage of this production process compared to printed white papers is that the material does not have any light cut edges when used as endpaper. For the use as cover material, white spots on the book or packaging are avoided, which can occur due to abrasion or on butt edges.
The high proportion of high-quality long-fibre pulp also ensures the necessary strength of the paper when producing the book cover and thus also the durability of your beautiful books.


SURBALIN and digital haptic:

Each SURBALIN surface has got its own incomporable haptic quality. Because of this your print product gets its very special charme. 

Can this haptic quality also be transferred to the digital world?

We had our SURBALIN surfaces professionally digitised. The different surfaces were not simply scanned, but the respective structure was built up in several layers. The impression of the materiality can thus be simulated in the best possible way, also considering light and shadow. 
In our InDesign document, we present every SURBALIN colour in all available surfaces with high-resolution JPEG image data. If you use this data for your layout work, printed and digital previews or project presentations, you can convincingly show the impression of the materials. When viewing the complete image, you will find important information on running direction and scale at the bottom of the image. This way you know in which direction the surface embossing runs in relation to the paper fibre, you can include the image file in its original size in your layout and you can see also the embossing in the correct size proportion.

SURBALIN in the digital world: 

To support your digital preliminary work on the way to the printed book, we also provide you with the CMYK or Lab values, which are very close to the original SURBALIN colours. You can use these values, if you want the design to match the colour of the SURBALIN cover or endpaper. Please note that SURBALIN is an uncoated natural paper. SURBALIN is dyed in the paper machine using special colour formulations. The scope of the CMYK colour space is too small to be able to reproduce all SURBALIN colours identically. For some SURBALIN colours we have therefore included Lab values in addition to the CMYK values. You can use them for your work on the screen.

The CMYK colour values and digital proofs are based on FOGRA 39 (ISO_coated_v02.icc). This is a proven and widely used standard that simulates print results without optical brighteners. The image data contained in the document are also colour-matched.
We will be very happy if you use the SURBALIN colour values for your layout. Please talk to your print service provider about how the colour values can be converted to your chosen print subject. A conversion, e.g. to an uncoated offset or a yellowish white paper, must be done in the print shop.

You can find the InDesign-document with all SURBALIN surfaces and colours here:   Downloads

The data has been prepared with the greatest care; however, we cannot exclude the possibility that an error may have crept in when specifying the colour values. Therefore, all information is without guarantee.