In search of a cover material that also turns literature into a haptic experience

For the design of the new edition of Arno Schmidt's novel "Die Gelehrtenrepublik" (The Scholars' Republic), the graphic artist Thomas Franke and the owner of the publishing house p.machinery, Michael Haitel, chose the leather fibre material CABRA, which not only creates haptic associations with the creatures in Arno Schmidt's novel "Die Gelehrtenrepublik". It is also an excellent cover material for books and slipcases and can be wonderfully finished. The product variation "natural" doesn’t have a surface varnish; the leather fibre material shows itself in its raw state.
On the cover there is a blind embossing; the change of the material through the effect of the heat leads to another exciting detail in the overall sophisticated design of the volume. The fact that the titling of the book cover and the slipcase was done in opposition to the usual book design is rooted in Arno Schmidt's novel: "it is the problem of twisting reality for the purpose of manipulation." Mentioned Thomas Franke.
Schaltungsdienst Lange (SdL) is responsible for the printing, binding and embossing of this book with all its special features. In the book block seven pull-out pages with wood engraving collages by Thomas Franke are included. Maren Thomsen masterfully realised the slipcase as well as the folder for the inserted digitally printed original graphics. CABRA natur was also used for the outer cover of the slipcase. SURBALIN glatt in the colour "sand" was chosen for the inside cover of the slipcase and also used for the outer cover of the folder. SURBALIN glatt in "naturweiß" was chosen for the inside cover. 
For anyone who wants to  feel the wonderful volume there will be time until 20 April 2023 to view the exhibition at the Altstadtbuchhandlung Büchergilde in Bonn.

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Maren Thomsen SDL Buchdruck p.machinery

CABRA natur
CABRA natur
CABRA natur