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Deep black is the new…

We prefer not to look at the black side, but to hit the mark with our SURBALIN tiefschwarz. It has been part of our Peyer collection already for some time and it is not only applied “because it is just more black” than other shades of black. But mainly because it provides incredible advantages concerning printing and processing.

Starting point for material selection is the requirement to visually leave a really deep black mark. Both in publishing and also particularly often in high-end packaging. Deep black suits particularly to be used in the ensemble with other colours – and also with the other non-colour white.

tiefschwarz 3
tiefschwarz 2

Due to particularly high-quality colour pigments, which are added to the pulp mass, as it is usual for all SURBALIN types, the colour brilliance of deep black is extraordinary. Especially important, when the material is not laminated, without foil, but used with the fine material’s own gloss therefore. By the way, the so called “Appretur”, a surface finishing fantastically protects against traces of use like fingerprints. Even without additional overprint varnish.

Another benefit of the paper which is dyed through in the pulp mass: no white cutting edges. Used as endpaper or cover material with three-sided trimming, there won’t be any disturbing white gaps at the edges of the book or inner fold. Not to avoid when using standard printed paper qualities.

Especially in embossing with glossy foils you reach obviously higher contrasts with SURBALIN tiefschwarz. Particularly in smaller, silver-embossed elements, contrasts can be seen clearly, because the regular black tends to be grizzly and so the contrast between silver and black can be recognized less. Also UV relief varnish seems to be more intense when tiefschwarz is used and can be set as a design element excellently.

SURBALIN tiefschwarz available in

SURBALIN 115 glatt 6199 tiefschwarz
SURBALIN 115 gerippt 4199 tiefschwarz
SURBALIN 115 seda 8199 tiefschwarz
SURBALIN 135 linea 5199 tiefschwarz

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And whomever did not find anything in the SURBALIN range, may discover a suitable material in our fabrics collection:

COMTESSE 30199 tiefschwarz
BARONESSE 8199 tiefschwarz

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