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In the face of things

"The collective (Rho) gears into existing structures of rooms by the help of complex light and sound systems and is trying in that way that everyone can experience and perceive their traditional patterns with all senses."
Verlag Kettler
The catalogue of the exhibition which takes place in the art association of Kassel is published in the Kettler Verlag and is designed suitably to the issue. The optically as well as haptically exciting material combination of grey board and the acrylic coated imitation leather CRYLUXE in black reflect the themes of the exhibition: physicalness, light and shadow, noise and silence.


The creative and technical realisation suits perfectly to the topic as well. The lines of the logos and the frames which are set on the case by blind embossing and foil stamping create a perfect tension. So the stripe of CRYLUXE on the back was pulled on the U1 and U4 onto the grey board as far as it is mechanically possible at the maximum, this means 150 mm. The left and the right vertical frame edge of the logo is embossed exactly parallel to the transition edge of the materials. As this is located only a few millimetres further, even a minimal offset would be noticeable. Equally, the most precise work is required for foil stamping on the back. The logo applied here consists of two lines that lie very close together: the line of the "R" and the line of the "H", which is laid over the "R". Both lines can be recognized if you look more closely in spite of the finest line width. The golden metallic foil highlights the effect and pretends a second foil colour through the reflection of light. So results the choreography of light and shadow.

The bookbindery Müller manufactured the cover as one-piece case. For the book case and the hollow spine material they used a 2,0 mm thick grey board extra smooth. Both parts were merged by CRYLUXE. 
Afterwards the book case was blind embossed and foil stamped and after casing in the book block, it was trimmed three sided by the endpaper. The content paper is 150 g/m² Munken polar with 1,13 times volume.

Verlag Kettler

Bookbindery Mueller

RHO_CRYLUXE_back spine