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Using a folding slipcover to protect a beloved book


Scribbles in the Margins - 50 Eternal Delights of Books

We are thrilled that publishers Zeitverlag picked a sophisticated slipcover instead of a standard slip case for the German edition of Scribbles in the Margins - 50 Eternal Delights of Books by Daniel Gray, which is available exclusively from the Zeit shop. The idea is based on the BuchBox (book box), which was developed by Kolbus; Peyer Graphic suggested this as an alternative to the traditional slip case, and the result was a book with an inspirational presentation that flirts with the reader’s senses. The folding slipcover is unusual because not only does it combine materials, surfaces and it also contains hidden magnets. The way the slipcover encloses the book is unique. A first sight of it makes you want to find out more.


Baronesse leinen with delicate gold foil embossing

The folding slipcover was made by Achilles präsentiert, who are specialists in packaging solutions. The material used for the outer cover was dark blue Baronesse leinen, and delicate gold foil embossing was applied to this. Surbalin glatt in mustard yellow was used for the inside cover. The book itself was bound by Friedrich Pustet GmbH in SURBALIN seda to create a flexcover with an attractive feel, then printed in colour. The colour of the Surbalin used for the endpaper was selected to match the mustard yellow used for the folding slipcover.

A jewel for any bibliophile

“The outstandingly high-grade presentation of this book complements its contents. With its coloured endpaper and ribbon, encased in a linen-covered folding slipcover with a magnetic closure, this book is a little jewel that will capture the heart of every bibliophile. It’s a gift you should definitely give to yourself! And, by the way, this first German edition is available exclusively from the ZEIT shop.”

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