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The book "Geheimes Land" by Anne Heinlein suggests a rather bright theme at first glance. The book jacket DOUBLESSE blutorange shines brightly towards the reader. The designer Uta Oettel decided for a hot foil stamping on the cover in rich yellow, which fits to this very well. Also the end paper SURBALIN is shining in "sonnengelb". But the author considers a very dark theme of the history in the GDR: For the book the photographer explored the restricted areas of the NVA and the GSSD and she also investigated in the archives of the Stasi. Photos were created of "unconscious forest, dense brushwood or undergrowth that obscures the view into the distance and thus becomes a natural stage. In addition, reproductions were made from school soldier teaching material on war and combat strategies, as well as a discovery of photographs for propaganda purposes that virtually glorify these strategies."  (www.fotohof.net) 

Cover: DOUBLESSE 40310 blutorange


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Geheimes Land
Geheimes Land
Geheimes Land