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NATURELLE COULEUR– A new material for the most beautiful invitation card for the book fair

… and because the two editors Karin and Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs opted for our NATURELLE faster than we chose a colour name, they gave it the name "lavendel". "This means that every reader has a smell in their nose at once, pictures of the South of France in the head and an overall positive association." Above all, the colour fits well to the current range of the publisher, because some titles are designed in this colour.

Naturelle 1
naturelle 2

NATURELLE COULEUR is a new peyer cover material besides NATURELLE MÉLANGE and NATURELLE COTON. For all three materials the nature is our inspiration for the choice of colour. For NATURELLE COULEUR the focus is on bold colours inspired by the world of animals and plants. The thick thread and the more open weaving underline the strong appearance of the material. Furthermore it is FSC certified (FSC 007262).

The invitation is made at the Manufaktur Wolf. Each year, a quote that fits the time is embossed on the card. This time it is "Remember you always have freedom of choice" of the US-American conceptual and installation artist Jenny Holzer. Set in the „Optima“ of Hermann Zapf, which is full of tradition. 

The fine embossing of the aldus leaf, which is the trademark of the publishing house, can be recognised very well even on the quite rough surface of the fabric. A Heidelberg letterpress platen (OHT = Original Heidelberg Platen A3) and the silver foil MTS from Kurz were used for the embossing. 

The substrate, a 400 gsm "LonaOffset" board, was printed in 1/0 colour offset. The finished fabric was then laminated onto the printed cardboard. This was followed by the trimming. A sharp knife and a good adhesion of the two materials ensure that the fabric does not fray at the edges.

We are pleased that our material is being used so beautifully right from the start.



Naturelle 3