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Black Magic on Surbalin

Designers love black. The colour itself makes a statement. It looks classy and it provides a great background for special types of printing and finishing. But it is really not very easy to apply a solid black to paper. Peyer Graphic has succeeded in doing it with Surbalin. Besides the black that was already available, a new colour, deep black, has been added. It is not until you put the two colours next to each other and realise that not all blacks are the same that you realise how stunning this is.

This elegant, velvet-look material makes the perfect cover for sophisticated packaging, slip cases and folders. It is also perfect for traditional uses such as for endpapers or bookbinding.

Deep black Surbalin is available in glatt, seda, gerippt and linea finishes either on a 140 cm-wide roll or in 70 x 100 cm sheets, in long grain format.

We would be happy to send you a sample on request

Surbalin tiefschwarz