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Delivery times and pricing

Due to very strong demand in the market, the second “pandemic year” was characterised by ups and downs in terms of availability and price stability. Thanks to the expansion of our storage capacities, and our forward-looking procurement management, we were able to maintain our usual delivery capacity throughout the year. Similarly, we have managed either to absorb cost increases or to pass them on at the latest possible time.

Now, the current geopolitical situation surrounding the war in Ukraine is presenting us with further challenges on an unprecedented scale.

The current significant increases in energy, raw material and logistics costs may make short-term price adjustments and surcharges necessary at any time, even for previously placed advance orders.

As a direct result of the war’s impact, we also anticipate longer delivery times in some cases. Therefore, please make your arrangements as early as possible. With your support, we are confident that we can successfully prepare ourselves for most eventualities and find solutions together to safeguard supplies.

Thank you for your trust in our products and services. We appreciate your understanding of the current situation. The Peyer Cover team remains at your disposal for any further questions or details.

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