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Happy winners

Amongst all the replies we received wonderful stories around the Gutenberg-Bible:

During his very first lecture a participant got in contact with the B42, when his professor had the whole time during his lecture the facsimile printing of the B42 open but flat lying before him, so the students couldn't see it. He ended his speech very moved with the words: "And this is what it looks like!" And then he showed the book after all. 

Another participant held a true Gutenberg-Bible in her hands as a young girl and is remembering this unforgettable experience as a mile stone on her way to a book designer.

An "old hand of the sector" realized that the bible contains several differing pages and supposes that "the good Johannes tried out a little bit" until he discovered the Golden Cutting. 

And the right answer? 

42 lines has got each of the pages of the Gutenberg-Bible. And with this answer many, many of our participants joined our competition. The lucky winner is Mr. Frank Schlattner. He will receive the hand-coloured page from the Gospel of John in a hand-press print. Congratulations! 

All other participants will receive also a post with a "mini small" surprise.


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