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La vida pura

„Looking up to the sky lost in thoughts”. Due to the illustration of Anne Albert our natural board PEYVIDA puro (la vida pura – span. the pure life) suits the edition 1/22 of the “Grafikmagazin”.

The generous whiteness of the summerly subject printed in offset affords the opportunity to let the material shine. It invites to feel the magazine, to absorb the smell of the paper, to breathe in deeply, to calm down. And then to dedicate oneself to the content around the varied theme of illustration.

PEYVIDA is offered in two surfaces and two grammages. The surface puro is convincing by its naturally open structure and the gentle haptic. Fina captivates by a fine micro embossing, which reminds of subtle tissue structures. The grammages of 270 g/m² and 350 g/m² are suitable for paperbacks, catalogues and folders. As well as for all other treasures which need an elegant and strong cover at the same time.

Credit: Tobias Holzmann