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Blood orange meets iguana green

DOUBLESSE is the name of the new cover material, and the name lives up to its promise.

The colour of the fine cotton fabric changes according to the angle of the light, and displays a stunning two-tone effect created by dyed threads and coloured glue. The names of the colours - blood orange, iguana green and ink blue - are both unusual and incisive. As well as four intense colours, there are also pastel shades, including lilac-violet and a delicate mauve-red. Doublesse, in a total of eight colours, together with colours from the SURBALIN range, is presented in the new collection.


“The play of contrasting colours in the Doublesse range allows us to show our customers ways in which this fabric can be combined with our Surbalin. With a book, for example, it can be used for the cover and as the end paper, or if it is used for packaging then as cover material and mirrored on the inside.

Doublesse is available ex stock from Peyer Graphic in a 100.5 cm-wide roll. Cuttings can be requested. The carrier paper is FSC© certified. C007262 Peyer Graphic, Germany

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