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Johannes Buck joins the Peyer team

Mr Buck has worked in the printing and book sector for some time, so he knows the industry very well. It is now a few days since he arrived and started getting to know us, and he is already halfway through his induction. We would like to thank you in advance for your continued trust in us, and we are sure you will join us in making him welcome.

Johannes Buck succeeds Waltraud Kron in this position. After almost 30 years of tireless dedication, she went into well-earned retirement a few months ago. For many of you, Waltraud Kron was the “voice” of Payer, and we are very grateful to her for the immense amount of work she has done for the company, for the market, and finally for the beautiful book. Ms Kron is now enjoying her newly acquired freedom to read lots of beautiful books whenever she wants to.

Johannes Buck