PRINCESSE NOVA – Established colours in a new guise

The wide-ranging colour selection of the fine viscose fabric PRINCESSE NOVA is based on the established PRINCESSE assortment and is particularly remarkable regarding the finely graded nuances of the blue and grey tones.
PRINCESSE NOVA is available in a roll width of 140 cm. This format offers more flexibility in the utilization of multiple repeats. Like the majority of the materials offered by peyer graphic, the fabric is available from stock in normal market quantities and can be cut to the required format.
peyer graphic offers two interesting specialities: „offset“ and „black-on-black“. The surface of PRINCESSE NOVA offset is treated with a primer. This means that the material suits very well for offset printing. The result can be compared with printing on paper. Especially detailed, colour-intensive themes can be reproduced precisely. PRINCESSE NOVA black-on-black is particularly intended for premium packagings. The black fabric is laminated on black paper. That is why there are no white edges when the material is folded over for boxes and other packagings.
PRINCESSE NOVA is perfectly adapted to the diversity of the book and packaging market with its wide range of colours, its technical workability and its haptically pleasant fabric structure.
It is, except for the "black-on-black" version, FSC-certified (FSC® C007262), vegan and REACH-compliant. Furthermore, no substances from the "Banned Lists of Chemicals" are included.

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