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Rounded arcs instead of straight lines

A beautiful – curved – rear can also endear. The design folder Atelier Binder is fascinating us. Copyright protected, developed and produced by IBA Hartmann in Augsburg. On the shelf next to all the other – straight – folders it attracts the attention immediately. And this very special example in any case. Because this design folder is covered by DOUBLESSE granitschwarz and SURBALIN havanna, an exceptionally elegant combination of materials and colours.

Jürgen Schaumann of IBA Hartmann explains: “The case production was made in the inner part of 2mm thick binder’s board and was worked out of one single piece. The notch and crease parts at the back of the curve-fitted folder could be worked out of one single piece. And this with the cotton fabric DOUBLESSE and the natural paper SURBALIN. Therefore we reached a high stability and surface tension in this part, this produces a positive impact on the robustness and the persistence of the product.”

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Copyright protected IBA counter-holders were fixed in the folder for the adjustment with the mechanics. To avoid that the folder bursts open and to give it a higher stability. Two metal edge protectors were placed at the two bottom edges to save the gentle cover materials better against possible rubbing in this part. Recommended for the persistence of the folder, but technically not mandatory. However in the case of the folder also a design element.

The text on the inner face of the folder was printed conventionally in offset. On the outer faces of the design folder there were placed hot foil stampings in gold and black dull and deep embossing at the same time. Due to the necessary high embossed pressure the hot foil stamping resp. the deep embossing was performed on the already finished covered cases.

According to the production at IBA Hartmann these processing operations were possible only because of the high quality of the cover materials. We thank them very much for this great compliment and we are pleased about the unusual example of felicitous design, dreamlike haptic materials and highest quality processing!

DOUBLESSE 40191 granitschwarz
SURBALIN 6172 havanna

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