Who doesn’t know them? The little yellow bound books, which accompanied us through our schooldays? Now there is a vast number of classics in a new appearance. From Goethe till Tucholsky. From the Brontë sisters, to George Orwell and to Virginia Woolf. Charles Dickens or Charles Baudelaire. Selma Lagerlöf, Jane Austen or Bram Stoker – all of them are available as a new designed premium soft cover.

Bound in PEYVIDA puro and in each case in terms of colour with suitable endpaper to the cover in SURBALIN glatt. In all colours of the rainbow. A great possibility to read “beautifully” through the history of literature - or to give it away to someone as a gift.

Cover material: PEYVIDA puro 270 g/m²
Endpaper: SURBALIN glatt

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