The covers of our new Peyer collection folders have been produced at Graffiti Siebdruck in Reutlingen to achieve the required high brilliance of colours on our dyed through SURBALIN. For the folder "papers and boards" the cover material SURBALIN seda 8063 orange is applied. As printing ink we chose a shiny purple shade (Pantone 253).

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For the screen printing there was made a film or a template, which is right reading, this is different to offset printing. The coated screen is exposed through the film. The exposed areas are hardened and will be ink-impermeable later. The unexposed areas can be washed out with water and will be then permeable for the printing ink. The screen will be locked in the printing machine afterwards. 

The printing ink is coated over the screen by a squeegee and is applied on the printing material through the open areas. The required quantity of printing ink is influenced by several impacts: by the viscosity of the printing ink, by the fineness of the wire fabric, which results from the number of threads/cm and their thickness and last but not least by the texture of the squeegee, which affects the quantity of printing ink. 

For our folder cover there was used a 71 screen (71 threads/cm) and a squeegee 65 shore hard. It was printed on a Thieme 3020.

For an even better brilliance of the purple on the orange SURBALIN there was preprinted white in the areas where there will be applied the colour afterwards. After the drying there was printed purple. Here it is important to lay the sheet very exactly, because otherwise there would appear gaps in the positions that are not printed exactly on top of each other. The next printing passage is "wet-on-wet", this means the material is printed two times directly one after the other and then passes through the drying channel. This treatment brings even more depth to the colour. 

The result is impressive: shining inks on similar shining SURBALIN. For a folder full of Peyer inspirations that is also a beautiful application example for materials and processing. 

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