SURBALIN = CMYK: an approximation and an equation

One important thing we have to mention first: SURBALIN is a paper, which is dyed through with colour pigments in the mass. One advantage of this production process is for example that the material, if it is used as endpaper, doesn't show white cut edges - in comparison to imprinted endpapers. When a book or a packaging is hit or if there are abrasion marks, no ugly white scratches will appear at the damaged spots.


So nearly all possible (specific) colours can be realised for SURBALIN. If you like to recreate these pure SURBALIN colours in printing via CMYK, this is not possible for all colours completely, because of the limited CMYK colour range facing specific colours.


With our wall calendar of this year we like to present you a choice of attractive SURBALIN colours as true to the original as possible. The first proofs and tests for our wall calendar showed us quickly that we only can achieve a convincing printing result on our natural paper PEYLIN with the professional support of a repro studio. With Studio Wildermuth we found an excellent partner for this.

Actually it is much more than just a "simple" colour measurement with a spectrophotometer. Because even the best technical measurement values have to be adapted to the human sense of colour with a sure instinct.

The result is impressive. We could realise nearly all SURBALIN colours in CMYK values in a reliable way. Even during the subsequent print matching, the colours matched the originals quickly and optimally.

We decided to define the CMYK colour values and digital proofs on the base of FOGRA 39 (ISO_coated_v02.icc). This is a proven and widely used printing standard that simulates print results without optical brighteners.

For printing on other materials there has to be done a conversion in the print shop. The SURBALIN colours of our wall calendar were accurately converted to FOGRA 51 for our PEYLIN natural paper by Offizin Scheufele print shop via their GMG colour server.
We are very happy that we now can provide you a reliable overview of CMYK and lab values of our SURBALIN colour range. Please feel free to use it for your layouts and mockups.
On our website you find the following documents for download:
-InDesign document with all SURBALIN colour fields
-Adobe colour library for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
-An Excel list with all colour values in CMYK and lab
Please note: 
The CMYK values are approximate values.
The Lab values mentioned also take into account the highly saturated SURBALIN colours, which cannot be reproduced exactly in CMYK.