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A book full of special days

The Welttagebuch (The Diary of the World), which is bound in SURBALIN prima, reveals details of things that make each day special.



Mosaic of life

If you make a compilation of all of these days, as Julia Otterbach and Alexandros Stefanidis have done in this book, you come up with a mosaic of life that tells us that there is something to celebrate every day of the year! Sometimes the occasion is funny, sometimes it is really serious; sometimes it revolves around living beings, and sometimes around things or events. How are you supposed to keep track of them all? Using a clever visual approach!

A unique pattern for each occasion

Each page of this gift book has a vertical pattern running along the margins; these are more than just decoration. The ingenious code of colours and shapes indicates the genre of this particular world day and the attributes and feelings that mark it out. Thus each occasion has its own unique pattern, which reflects the diverse nature of the world days.

Idea, design, illustrations: Julia Otterbach
Author: Alexandros Stefanidis
Collaboration: Red Bull Media House/Benevento Publishing
Award: Joseph Binder Award, 2020, Nominee