Yearbook of Type

The perfect combination of materials for the Yearbook of Type 2019/2020: PEYDUR neuleinen and SURBALIN seda black


The best material to meet the highest of demands

For the Yearbook of Type 2019/2020, PEYDUR neuleinen was used as the cover material and SURBALIN seda in black for the endpaper. The special loose, cut flush binding technique that was used, with a thick cardboard inlay, requires high-quality binding material. Because its pulp is composed of long and short fibres, PEYDUR fulfils this requirement perfectly. The book retains its shape even after it has been referred to repeatedly. The full-surface printing and delicate typography pose no problems for PEYDUR neuleinen.


A top-quality typographical manual

The body of the book, which has many pages, is bound to the book cover with black SURBALIN; this is a solid-coloured paper that, particularly when used as the endpaper, gives the book the required stability and allows it to be opened easily. The Yearbook of Type 2019/2020 is a practical manual aimed at helping users to navigate their way through the diverse, almost oceanic, landscape of typography in search of the font they need for their project.

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